Amon Amarth – Deceiver of the Gods album review.

Note : First ever review, open to feedback, tried to be unbiased but heck it’s Amon Amarth!
Hope you enjoy reading and agree!
Track 1 – Deceiver of the Gods.
The second Deceiver of the Gods starts; you immediately get taken aback with a thunderous blow that Swedish-Metallers Amon Amarth deliver. The entire track in itself sounds battle-thirsty, making you want grab an axe, grow a beard and fight. Johan Hegg (vocals) draws immediate impression as a listener with the mighty roar of his vocals that are enough to summon Odin himself. The guitars work beautiful alongside each other, creating melodies together that really stick out but hit you right where it hurts by keeping the powerful, fast ‘in your face’ heaviness that Amon Amarth fans love. When it hits the bridge, an entire turning stone is delivered as all hell breaks loose and your Viking beard pops out of your hairless chin. It holds a thunderous power making the thunder Gods happy, however, what stands out most is that the bass immediately becomes so powerful, so heard that Ted Lundström (bass) proves that the thunder does not simply just come from duelling guitars. Fredrik Andersson (drums) on the other hand shows his drumming to be so aggressive and powerful, it is enough to intimidate anyone before a hefty battle. 
Rating 9/10

Track 2 – As Loke Falls
The moment Deceiver of the Gods finishes, As Loke Falls jumps right in with a melody based intro that then changes into a skull crushing, beastly sound of fasts guitars, a pounding bass and the battering sound of the drums. The track then continues with a heavy, dark distorted yet melodic riff to fit right alongside of the drums as they accompany the vocals, yet again holding so much power within itself. As Loke Falls is a brilliant second track for this album, it leads off Deceiver of the Gods and continues this on-going battle that listeners create in their heads. There is an emotion however held within the melodies that the guitars create that really draw the listener in and keep them intrigued as to where this album is going to go with the next track. As Loke Falls is the track that makes you as a listener feel part of, intended or unintended Amon Amarth prove that this is a good factor to have when creating a track like this.
Rating 8/10

Track 3 – Father of the Wolf
Father of the Wolf dare I say holds more power and thunder than Thor himself. The guitars during the intro and the verses of this track put me in the mind of Guardians of Asgaard (Twilight of the Thunder Gods album) not only by it’s distinct underlay of tone but the way it creates a sound as though you are marching forwards. That is what really sticks out for me on this track in-fact, sure everything sounds absolutely out-standing and full of fight but the guitars in this track really hold everything together tightly, they play a dominant part almost as though the vocals don’t need to roar out the story of what is happening, you can already picture it. All that is left to be said? If Father of the Wolf wasn’t a track, it would be the mightiest thunder God!
Rating 10/10

Track 4 – Shape Shifter
Shape Shifter doesn’t need a build up, it proves that by immediately kicking its way in. This track however still being thunderous and powerful takes a step back from the last track and lets the vocals become the leader of the track again and having everything else blend perfectly together to accompany the roars Johan Hegg is belting out. ‘My words are poison to your ears…’ as soon as them words are pouring out, before the solo kicks in, you feel this immense kick to the gut of something that really over-powers you in terms of the vocal attraction. The track keeps adding layers and layers of brutality, power and fury to really get your emotions flowing and your head banging harder than what you have done already on the album.
Rating – 8/10

Track 5 – Under Siege
Under Siege really seems to focus on making an impact with its listeners. It holds an incredible feel to it, that captures not only the brutality and the aggression of the music but there is also a raw emotion that makes this track seem almost that of a Viking battle ballad! The passion that Amon Amarth have for creating music about the things they enjoy learning about (In case you haven’t guessed, they like Vikings and thunder Gods and all that stuff!) really comes out in this track, it really pushes it’s way through to the surface and they deliver an outstanding, furious, passion-filled track. 4:30 into the track, when you hear the guitars work with powerful yet toned down drums to accompany the vocals it really takes the listener back especially on the outro where everything is given time to cool down ready to get your beards back in full Viking form ready to enjoy the rest of the album.
Rating 10/10

Track 6 – Blood Eagle
Blood Eagle does encourage a bunch of battle-ready Amon Amarth fans to have a smirk on their face when they hear well, how else would you describe it? Death? At the beginning of the track. The thing that is different about Blood Eagle however is that it’s sounds more furious than the tracks on the album. Captivating more of a hate-fuelled drive that can only be the heart of any battle. The track in itself is the shortest on the entire record however as a listener, you’re left feeling like you’ve been struck by the mighty hammer that belongs to Thor because it is that intense.
Rating 7/10

Track 7 – We Shall Destroy
We Shall Destroy kicks in immediately with thundering guitars, a pounding bass and the way the drums have been hit, you start to feel a bit sorry for them! This track has everything work together tremendously, however, the lyrical content really stands out in particular on this one, this is the track where you’re openly admitting you want a longboat, a broadsword and your best friend next to you so you can run into a battle roaring ‘Hold the lines! Move as One! In unity our victory’s won, our shields will form a mighty wall, United we shall never fall’ after Johan Hegg has bellowed them words out as a battle cry!
Rating 10/10

Track 8 – Hel
Hel features ex-Candlemass vocalist Messiah Marcolin, so for any Candlemass fan you know you’re going to be given great things with this track vocally. The way the vocals work together, is absolutely outstanding. There is a perfect balance that really delivers a great deal of powerful energy. The rest of Amon Amarth musically fill the void and make the track itself the one that entices the listener in a whole new aspect, it switches between this ‘march into battle’ sound to almost a hypnotic Viking metal band especially when the vocals from Messiah Marcolin are delivered.
Rating 7/10

Track 9 – Coming of the Tide
Coming of the Tide pushes Amon Amarth back out of the water from the last track and back into their full 100% distinct sound. However, despite this, it probably isn’t one of the strongest tracks on the record. It holds a lot of power still and a lot of brutal roars and thunderous bangs on the drums and brilliantly produced guitars and bass but as opposed to the other tracks, it falls behind until it hits the guitar solo of course, then out comes all of that power, after the solo has been and gone, the band give one last push before finishing the track. 
Rating 7/10

Track 10 – Warriors of the North
Warriors of the North is the last track on the album, the last track on any album has to be the one to leave the mark of ‘That was awesome!’ to entice the listener to bother listening to it again and more-often. Warriors of the North does just that. At over 8 minutes long the track has a lot of places it can go, but, Amon Amarth just decided to go North, the best way to go. It captures everything brilliantly in this track, it holds a brilliant power but the power is fuelled by the emotion-grabbing thunderous duelling guitars, the iconic ‘stick in your head’ lyrics that are more than roared out. This track proves that this album was the battle. This track is the final fight, this track is the fight for victory and hell do Amon Amarth get victorious! This is the track that will leave every Amon Amarth fan, new listeners or old listeners craving more. It is outstanding, powerful, hard-hitting, furious and would make the thunder rumble and roar louder than it ever has! Warriors of the North IS the track that leaves it’s mark.
Rating 10/10

Overall –
Deceiver of the Gods holds it’s consistency with power and fury throughout the entirety of the album, it keeps the fans excited wanting more. It is definitely an album that encourages you to go out, buy a toy sword and fight in your back-garden with your friends, no matter how old you are. The way Amon Amarth have performed on Deceiver of the Gods is a way that has proven them to be on top of their game, creating possibly their best album upto date.
Rating 9/10


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