Time to Review!

Since the post I did for my college work, I have long left there and now ventured into the real world of not being in education (Until I decide to go to back into it after saving up for University of course) and looking for a job! 

Since finding a job can be proven a bit difficult at the current moment, whilst hunting, I have decided to stay focused on music and have decided to start writing reviews on music from Metal/Rock artists, be the album old or new!

Starting with Amon Amarth’s new album Deceiver of the Gods released June 2013.

However, before I start all of that I thought you should all get to know me a little, I’m Jessica an 18, soon to be 19 Musician. Recently doing 3 years of Music at college and now taking a year out before University where I aspire to be a performer and a music therapist. Music has been a big part of my life since a very early age, I have my parents to thank for that, raising me into the world of heavy metal and it’s family! I have a major love for Iron Maiden, seeing them twice in 2011 and Download Festival 2013, definitely a must see band! I enjoy going to gigs and the almighty Download Festival held at Donington Park every June! 
Mud, dodgy burgers, rain and a stony sleep? It’s all worth it for 3 days of some the greatest music from some of the greatest bands.

Enough of that, time to crack on.


About Jessica Howkins
Music Journalism and Broadcasting graduate, Editor-In-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine and contributor for various publications.

2 Responses to Time to Review!

  1. I look forward to reading your reviews – there aren’t enough people of our generation writing decent reviews! What is it you play, by the way?

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