Smokin’ Aces – Smokin’ Aces Album Review.


Track 1 – High Roller
The second High Roller starts you get smacked in the face with a raunchy riff, a dirty rock n’ roll feel. The vocals can easily captivate you, they follow the guitars absolutely brilliant, immediately this band give you the moment you’ve been waiting for, the excitement in your heart that lets itself loose and goes fucking wild. The excitement that there are bands out there that haven’t lost the good old rock n’ roll touch and High Roller is the best example of that. The great thing about this track that stands out more than anything though is the obvious chemistry this band have when playing, a brilliantly raw sound and the simple yet seductive feel everybody loves in a track.
Rating 9/10

Track 2 – Your Demise
Your demise rolls right in there with some true hard rock, it’s got everything any guy wants in just the sound, it’s even got the hot girls somewhere in there! Picking up the speed from High Roller, Your Demise puts me in the mind of a classic Velvet Revolver track and let’s be honest, that isn’t a bad thing in the slightest! It’s fast, it’s furious, it’s dirty, it’s that song that’s gonna make all the guys get the girls.
Rating 10/10

Track 3 – Welcome To The Madhouse
Keeping that groove that’s making Smokin’ Aces EP kick ass, Welcome To The Madhouse jumps straight in there, there isn’t much to right on how awesome this track is, the only disappointment about this track is that it’s too short, we want more of the Madhouse however the way those guitars work together so brilliantly, so raunchy is just something truly brilliant.
Rating 9/10

Track 4 – My Time
My Time starts a lot more poetically than the previous tracks on the album, it offers a soft, classic sound that can capture the attention of all. The guitar work is absolutely beautiful as it works alongside of the drums being levelled out by a thick juicy bass line. The vocals are soft, inviting, captivating yet keeping that cool edge. It is an absolutely incredible track where everything is played from the heart, it is a track where everything can be felt as Sean-Michael Smith belts out beauty until out comes the most divine solo on the album, guitar solo’s can either make you go ‘meh’ or ‘FUCK YEAH’ and this is a FUCK YEAH! Solo that keeps the true emotion of the track in each note, an absolutely mind-blowing track.
Rating 10/10

Track 5 – Front Row Fantasy
Kicking back into the heat of things, Smokin’ Aces go back into that dirty Rock N’ Roll ready to lead the album to a kick ass ending! This is definitely the track you want on while you dirty fuckers are getting down to business, it’s the hottest track on the record and it definitely leads a lasting impression on the listener wanting more from Smokin’ Aces. Full of groove, hot-headed passion and the spirit of true Rock N’ Rollers, this is the one that’s going to leave you wanting more, this is the one that’s going to finish the record with a bang!
Rating 10/10

Overall –
Well, let’s put it this way, the first album from Smokin’ Aces proved that they’re worthy of the status that we call Rock N’ Roll, it’s up there waiting to be snapped up and who wouldn’t want too? It’s one of the sexiest, hard-rocking albums you could ever want!
Rating 9/10


About Jessica Howkins
Music Journalism and Broadcasting graduate, Editor-In-Chief for Distorted Sound Magazine and contributor for various publications.

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