Heavens Basement – Filthy Empire track by track album review.


Heavens Basement – Filthy Empire

Track 1 – Welcome Home
Welcome home kicks in immediately with a foot stomping, fist throwing, pure modern rock n’ roll feel that’s full of pure fury. This is the track that’s going to get listeners pumped up and ready to experience the rest of the album showing that there’s going to be no disappointments. The vocals on this track show immense talent that vocalist Aaron Buchanan can obviously deliver. Punchy and powerful this track is how you start a rock n’ roll album!
Rating – 9/10

Track 2 – Fire, Fire
Fire, Fire instantly proves that this is what Heavens basement have in them, the fire to create brilliant music and what a brilliant track this is! With tasty riffs and licks, it holds an incredible feel to it. When the overall track mellows down for a short while, it proves that these boys can give you the best of both worlds before jumping in with a short and fantastic solo that guitarist Sid Glover throws out.  An exceptional track, the flaws? What flaws?!
Rating – 9/10

Track 3 – Nothing Left to Lose
Jumping in with a meaty sound and all guns blazing, this track is probably the anthem on the album. As soon as it hits that chorus, you know it will have the crowd singing along with all their might, it’s a track that can obviously connect with listeners on an emotional level especially how they deliver the track with such a passion that hits the heart of any listener, fan or not. Once again, Aaron Buchanan’s vocals prove their strength to the world of rock with such a powerful edge that gets stuck in your head all day. Nothing Left to Lose is possibly one of the best tracks released in 2013, Heavens Basement have a beautiful way of communicating to the listener and this track is the proof of that.
Rating 10/10

Track 4 – Lights Out In London
Slowly kicking it’s way back in, Lights Out In London has a brilliantly seductive feel to it during the intro and verses, mostly provided by the simple yet sharp guitar playing from Sid Glover. Heavens Basement fill the chorus with a powerful emotional level, it is a brilliant balance of everything you want in a track. Everything fits in tight and smooth, leaving no room for any gaps that might make this track any less awesome than what it already is.
Rating 9/10

Track 5 – I Am Electric
Heavens Basement throw themselves into I Am Electric kicking and screaming, it’s raw, it’s heavy, it’s rocking and most of all it’s a definite crowd starter. It shows the band from all corners and they’ve proven to themselves and to the listeners that they’ve done a brilliant job and are continuing to be consistent on the album.
Rating 8/10

Track 6 – The Long Goodbye
Once again, Heavens Basement cool it down a little bit before showing a powerful side that really emphasises a cliché but true message. Seemingly, a track off of the album that just like Nothing Left to Lose, it can really connect with the listeners. Sid Glover leaves a little more time for his solo this time round and it blends in with the track absolutely beautiful, an absolute beautiful and outstanding track.
Rating 9/10

Track 7 – Heart-breaking Son of a Bitch
A catchy riff that is followed in by pounding drums and a real raw and raunchy sound, from the very beginning, Heart-breaking Son Of A Bitch proves it’s going to be a stomper of a track. There are no cooled down chorus’s this time and no strings attached. It’s a definite party song, the sort of crazy ones you have with your friends and intend to drink each other under the table and finding yourself passed out either on the toilet, in the bath and sometimes on the roof (it happens!) It’s a fun, catchy, Rock N’ Roll song that really shows the true passion in Heavens Basement’s music.
Rating 9/10

Track 8 – Be Somebody
Be Somebody goes back to lowering the whole Rock N’ Roll tone down a bit but jumps in with the words that everybody wants to scream from the bottom of their hearts ‘I wanna be somebody’ It’s not only an honest song but it’s one that speaks to the listener in such a strong way. Be Somebody is one of those certain tracks that can make you believe the story, that can get you drawn in and be a track that relates to you more than you actually know. Be Somebody is definitely the anthem of the entire album, truly stunning.
Rating 10/10

Track 9 – Can’t Let Go
Can’t Let Go  kicks in by building its way up with a seductive, raunchy feel to it until it jumps in altogether  and makes you want to go absolutely crazy, it is a catchy song with a brilliant hook in it. It holds that all so powerful chorus vibe that Heavens Basement have been delivering consistently however it’s more punchy, more in your face. The Price We Pay is a track that would get the crowd started during any live show, it’s a song that makes you way to scream along too and connect with the band. A cracking track that won’t leave you disappointed in any way, shape or form.
Rating 8/10

Track 10 – The Price We Pay
The Price We Pay is the track on this album that will get you reaching for your tissues and listening to the beauty of it. Aaron Buchanan’s vocals really show the strength of what he can deliver to the audience. Everything on this track works beautifully together, from the elegant acoustic guitar to the way the piano is played with such delicacy to the introduction the other instruments such as the strings and the way percussion is incorporated gently to add a beautiful structure that will create beautiful dynamics in the track. The Price We Pay kicks in halfway through for a really powerful hit in the face that really takes hold of you before lowering back down yet with more power that the boys in Heavens Basement just keep pouring out, power they probably don’t know they have themselves, the power that gets a listener to do nothing but shut up for the entirety of a track just to listen to its beauty. An elegant and gorgeous track that has really stood out on the album, absolutely wonderful.
Rating 10/10

Track 11 – Jump Back
Jump Back has a real classic, raw sound to it that is packed full of tasty riffs and naughty little licks.
Filthy Empire already showed us that Heavens Basement have a lot of Classic Rock influences in their music and Jump Back is the track that really lets that shine through and they have executed the whole sound brilliantly. It is a fun, upbeat and a wild track that leaves you literally craving more when you know the album is about to end. The track has everything needed in it to make it kick-ass and get the party really started.
Rating 10/10

Track 12 – Executioner’s Day
Kicking right in there, you know these boys want to end Filthy Empire with a real kick in the balls. Following on from the album and its wonderful consistency to keep such a brilliant sound, Executioner’s Day shows that they wanted to make this track leave its mark 10x harder and it has done just that. It’s upbeat, it’s catchy and hard-hitting, it definitely screams at you to shove the album back on repeat and to listen to listen to Filthy Empire again in all of its glory.
A brilliant track to end a brilliant album!
Rating 9/10

Overall –
Filthy Empire is definitely in one of my top 10 albums of 2013, if not my top 5! It’s just what rock needed to happen, with a fresh sound created from the old classic ways, it’s outstanding from start to finish. If you haven’t checked it out, I suggest you do it now!
Rating 9/10



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