Lich King Interview.

Note : As it happens, i’ve been off here for a good while it seems but i’ve been making collective documents to help with a portfolio to start towards a Journalism Degree and had some previous work commitments however, it didn’t really make sense that I wasn’t using this as a portfolio too so I should be updating more regularly now. 

Here’s a first interview and with no other than the brilliant US Thrash Metallers, Lich King!

Seeing as Lich King started out as a one man band by Tom, was there any form of scepticism towards not only being a one man band but when decisions were made to become a full piece band and if so, how did you overcome them?


Well I kept the truth about our one man-ness a secret for a long time. Some people figured it out, and a few others I trusted not to tell DID tell, but no one that knew really seemed skeptical. I don’t recall any skepticism about forming the real band, either. Everyone just kinda shrugged at the time and went with it. We didn’t get good for a while, anyway.

You guys seem to be mistaken often for the World of Warcraft Lich King, does this seem to draw more people towards your music positively or negatively in terms of mistakenly stumbling across you when people are in fact just trying to look up the WoW Lich King? 

I don’t think we’ll ever have any way of knowing if there’s been a positive effect. The negative effects are mere irritants- people making dumb jokes, etc. Hopefully we don’t get hit with a CEASE & DESIST about the band name at any point. Around then, it’ll all have been negative. In the meantime we never hear from people who were just googling Warcraft stuff and found us. Those dopes don’t seem to care that we exist.

Lich King is all about Thrash and creating just some straight up energy in your music that fans can let some steam off too, is there ever a time that you guys have ever thought about doing something completely different with the music?

Oh yeah, I think about branching out a lot, and we have, a bit. We’re putting more progressive flourishes in here and there, we’re trying to take the songwriting to an ascendant place where the aggression of the song can step aside and you’re just flying with it, like the middle of RIME OF THE ANCIENT MARINER or something. That’s at least what we’re actively trying. I’ve also thought about doing a full-on power metal song, a sludge / doom song, an acoustic song. Lots of ideas start cooking, but only so many of them get to the table.

It’s obvious to tell you guys are all about the music but have there been any times in your life you’ve felt like leaving it behind and if so how did you overcome it?

I feel like leaving it all behind all the time, because- usually- it’s not that fun. I don’t like going to shows and sitting around at a merch table listening to shitty deafening opening acts for five hours. I like hanging out with my pals and making albums and traveling. Touring’s got me down a bit, I guess. 

Out of the albums you guys have released, what are your personal favourites where you think it’s your best possible work? 

BORN OF THE BOMB is both my favorite and my vote for our best work, and I think each of us would agree. We’re trying to make album 5 better than BOTB, and I think we’re going to achieve that. I like to say that if you’re not balls-out proud of your most recent album and trying to top yourself, you’re not trying hard enough. I can’t imagine just crapping out an album and shrugging, knowing it’s not better than what you’ve done before. That’s got to be miserable.

What are the best and weirdest experiences you guys have had being in Lich King?

Ummm… I know each of us would have different answers. The best experience would probably be opening for Exodus and having them give us a shout-out during their set. Gary leaned over to shake my hand. That was pretty amazing. Weirdest would probably be… oh, I know, Kansas. In Kansas not many people came out to see the show, but the people that did come spent big on merch and were incredibly thankful that we’d come. I guess a lot of metal tours don’t stop in their area. While that doesn’t seem weird, consider that that lightly attended Kansas show bought as much merch as the sold-out LA show we’d played two weeks before. That’s nuts.

Now, as a fan myself there are many people in the UK hoping for one thing – a UK tour, are you guys considering one anytime?

We’re talking to certain people, nothing’s confirmed as of yet. Not having a manager, we’re having a tough time getting over there. The festivals don’t invite us and we don’t know how to get over there on our own, aside from doing a Kickstarter to get plane ticket money. No idea when or if we’ll ever get over there.

If you could tour with one other band for the rest of your life, who would it be and why?
Umm… Huh. One bad. Okay, if we’re talking about doing it for exposure and the crowds, I’d say Municipal Waste. We’d do great opening for them forever. If we’re talking about the pleasant buddy-ness of touring, the friends you like touring with and all that, it’s Smash Potater. I want their Brian to be my sidekick throughout all of life’s adventures. Lovely chaps.




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