Lost Society – Band of the Day interview featured on Terrorizer.com

Hi guys! Sorry i’ve been away a bit again, started a new job and wordpress has been a bit naff with letting me actually log in, had to create a new password about 10 times! So as you can imagine I have lots of new reviews coming up, i’ll try post them daily to get back upto speed or at least 1 every couple of days. I also have some exciting news! I had an interview with one of my favorite bands Lost Society and it got posted on the Terrorizer website with thanks to their writer Kez Whelan!

So to kick things back off i’ll post it on here as i’m so proud of it!
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Jyväskylä, Finland 2010 – the year Thrash/Speed Metal band Lost Society was born to raise hell. In the past 4 years, these young metalheads have already gained a brilliant reputation in the metal community with their love of thrash seeping through the seams in their music. They have already shared the stage with thrash legends Suicidal Angels and have been signed to Nuclear Blast after they self-released their self-titled demo, to bring out their debut album ‘Fast Loud Death!’ Since that release, they have a new album, ‘Terror Hungry’, due out today, which gave us more than enough reasons to catch up and see where they are…

WORDS: Jess Howkins

WHO ARE THEY: Lost Society
WHERE ARE THEY FROM: Jyväskylä, Finland
FOR FANS OF: Anthrax, Testament, Municipal Waste
LATEST RELEASE: ‘Terror Hungry’ (Nuclear Blast)
WEBSITES: Facebook & Twitter

As a band, you are possibly one of the freshest and most up to speed bands in the modern Thrash scene – I want to know what made you decide that was the road you wanted to go down and how did you guys come about each other to form the band?
Well thank you very much! My road towards thrash and speed metal basically started when I was about 7 years old and my brother played me the track ‘The Prisoner’ by Iron Maiden, because after this track, I just got hooked on Maiden and a bit later on all heavy metal. All the music I listened to at the time was basically only from the 80’s and 90’s so it was pretty much a given that I found all the awesome thrash metal bands from that era too. The first ones were Anthrax and Slayer and that’s how the whole thing started! It’s just the honest and pure attitude that thrash has, it ain’t pretty and it’ll make you bang your head! Me and Ossi met through another band I was in years ago and I basically just snatched him in, then some months later just by chance Arttu came to watch our practice sessions and I heard his guitar playing and snatched him in too. Mirko came in the band because Arttu had known him for years and knew he kicked ass so he came in too!”

So, it’s been a year since the release of ‘Fast Loud Death’! And may I just say how incredible the album is, what have been the highest and lowest points since recording and releasing the album to date?
It’s sick that it’s been already a year, crazy! And once again, thanks a lot! It’s actually crazy how up ‘til this day there really hasn’t been any downsides or low points, we’ve been just enjoying our asses off, cause this is what we all love to do. But the high points, damn there are a lot! One of course would be the moment when we hit the stage in the Loud Park 13 in Japan, that was probably the ultimate most awesome thing ever!”

‘E.A.G’ is a pretty aggressive song towards the emo stereotype, is there anyone or anything in particular that added the fuel to the fire with that track or was it just a general attitude towards the stereotype?
“It was actually one of the first songs we ever made together, and we just figured that, hmm, what’s one of the most clichéd subjects to write about, and we just chose to do this one. None of us are the kind to just piss off emos for no reason. They can live as they want to, it’s just mainly the music we really don’t understand for the most part! But none the less I love the song!”

So, you’ve just toured with Suicidal Angels – what was the weirdest thing that happened to you on your adventures with them? Surely some fangirl got her best pair of thrash knickers and launched them at you?
I think the weirdest thing was when we were somewhere around Germany at a show, and after we stopped playing, some girl and guy just ripped Arttu’s shirt off of him and stole it! It was a fuckin’ awesome Judge Dredd Anthrax shirt haha! Believe me, we’d be lucky if the shows had even any chicks haha!”

‘Terror Hungry’ is released today, what are your hopes and ambitions for this album?
“After FLD came out, just about all of our wildest dreams came true, so I really don’t even know what will happen with the next one, it seems like nothing is impossible anymore! But of course I hope that we can just hit the road and play these new songs with the crowd going nuts! That’s always the coolest thing that could happen. Hopefully people will love this beast as much as we do!!”

You guys like to drink a lot, but who’s the strongest and lightest weight drinking wise out of you guys?
“Well basically the last ones standing are usually either me, Arttu or Mirko, mainly because Ossi just doesn’t drink that much! But when he does, he probably goes down first! But it’s probably Arttu who’s the strongest because I just get pissed quick and go pass out somewhere weird. We should really LEARN how to drink, haha!”

What’s expected from you guys after ‘Terror Hungry’? Any tours planned or are you going to jump straight into the recording studio and tour alongside it like with ‘Fast Loud Death!’?
“Once the album comes out, we’ll be touring Finland for about two months, mainly weekend shows. We’ll also be hitting Spain and Germany and some other places during the spring and summer! One thing is also that we’ll be constantly practicing, and constantly making new material, so I wouldn’t say it would be totally impossible that we’d hit the studio in the end of the year. Either way, this year will be awesome!”

‘Terror Hungry’ is available now via Nuclear Blast Records. You can order the CD here, orpurchase the album digitally here.