Going to Sonisphere?

So, festival season is approaching and my decided choices are Download, Sonisphere and Bloodstock.

However, there’s a problem with funding all of them so with the help of we-represent, you can have a choice to earn your tickets by selling some.

If you’re going to Sonisphere in the UK please purchase a ticket through this link, it’s all legit!

As if I sell 5 I get a free ticket and you get 2 drink coupons!
If you don’t trust it, you can go have a look and see for yourself.
Thank you for your time.


The Pretty Reckless – Going to Hell album review.

Since the release of The Pretty Reckless’ debut album Light Me Up the band have gone from strength to strength attracting a fan base from every corner of the rock/metal community. Going to Hell immediately brings out the same style from Light Me Up that made us love the band – the good sort of filth.

The band have a particular way about them in terms of creating music that makes you generally feel that little bit more raunchy than you would listening to a Kylie Minogue album at home in your cosiest pyjamas and let’s face it we all love a bit of raunchy attitude in our music from time to time.
The Pretty Reckless have lived up to their standards of the previous Light Me Up by sticking to their roots and making sure they give the listeners what they wanted for the new album, understandably it is added pressure making consistent music to those especially new in the music industry (anything below 3-5 albums) that fans will be happy with since a previous release but the band have done just this. They have followed the filth –fuelled lyrical content yet they have still balanced it out beautifully with the sweet, more emotional tracks such as House on a Hill, Dear Sister and Burn. In terms of the build-up to this album, most bands will release a single or two that they think is the strongest however Going to Hell is consistently and equally as strong as each other.

Going to Hell is energetic and following past criticism about how the band is just about Taylor Momsen (Vocals), Ben Phillips (Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals) has stepped up his position in the band that makes the vocals mirror each other beautifully such as on Sweet Things.  It is obvious to say that the band have really stepped up their game and tried to improve musically and personally following any criticism they have received but also they have kept what was admired by fans and not altered a single thing about it.

Overall, Going to Hell is how it should be – full of filth, emotion and some pretty great music.
Rating 9/10

The Treatment – Running with the Dogs album review.


Formed in Cambridge, UK, The Treatment is one of the best upcoming Hard Rock bands that Britain has had to offer for a good while. Kicking right into their new album with I Bleed Rock & Roll, they show a raw passion for the sound they create and give to their listeners. Running with the Dogs has a sexy, crisp consistency throughout that provides the true element of any good Hard Rock band from AC/DC to more modern takers such as Hinder and Buckcherry. There isn’t a song on this album that falls below the belt when it comes to showing listeners what Hard Rock / Rock N’ Roll is about, it also brings out the naughty side with tracks such as I Bleed Rock & RollGet The Party On, The Outlaw, and Don’t Get Mad Get Evil but just like any other Hard Rock band to get somewhere there has to be a love ballad which is portrayed perfectly in Unchain My World giving this album the balance it needs to be a success and a hit with listeners over the Rock spectrum.
Rating – 9/10 

Out now via iTunes.